Heres hoping 2022 is going to be a much better year than 2021 ! For so many reasons 2021 will take some beating as far as bad years go. Not only my personal reasons, which were about as bad as it could get but for everybody's life in general. I just want everything back to... Continue Reading →

Nikon Coolpix L11

I recently saw an advert for a small, pocket Canon camera, my brand of choice for photo equipment, and I thought it might be a useful addition to my armoury. On reflection though I vaguely remembered having a small camera quite a few years ago so I started a hunt for it. I have a... Continue Reading →

End Of The Road

Not quite as sinister as it may sound, we just decided a few weeks ago that we would finish our caravanning life. We only used our caravan three times last year and the prospects for this year were not looking too good. We decided to take our caravan supplier up on an offer to buy... Continue Reading →

Off The Beaten Track

Yardley Chase in the distance 70mm 1/60 f13 ISO100 I took my camera for a bike ride today. To save having to keep walking the same routes and trying to find an interesting photo composition I decided to spread my wings a bit and found an uninteresting photo composition... I pumped up the tyres on... Continue Reading →

Amazing Grace

This is the tomb of John Newton in a quiet corner of the churchyard here in my home town of Olney in Buckinghamshire. In his early life he had been involved in the slave trade. He later saw the evil of his ways and became a staunch abolitionist and took to the church, eventually finding... Continue Reading →


A couple of photos of this mornings glorious sunrise on my morning dog walk, sometimes its worth getting up and out early..

Meet Max

I thought I should introduce you to the 'Max' that I refer to in the site tagline, above in the heading. He is a Border Terrier and we have had him since he was a puppy in 2018. He is a very independent minded chap. He will do exactly what you require but only if... Continue Reading →

River In Flood Again

Life Belt Station, iPhone I normally edit out this lifebelt station when I am taking pictures down by the river because the bright red stands out like a sore thumb among the willow trees. However, today its useful to make a point about the depth of the flooding. The base is usually about a metre... Continue Reading →

Level Five !!!

Hi, apologies for absence, my photo of the day petered out somewhat, sorry about that. I had a problem with Lightroom, which led to more problems. It was not Lightroom's fault, it was mine. As a result of which I decided to rebuild and reorganise all my photos in Lightroom, around 13,000 pictures. I did... Continue Reading →

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