Red Kite 2

Red Kite A shot of the other Kite that was circling around, the light was going and I think they were on the hunt for supper before settling down for the night.

Red Kite 1

Red Kite I managed to get this picture on a very dull day with a 400mm lens handheld. It was taken at Coombe Hill National Trust location in the afternoon, having spent the morning wandering around the ancient woodlands.

Muntjac Deer

Muntjac Deer I came across this little deer while walking through the ancient woodland at Coombe Hill National Trust location in Buckinghamshire. He just sttod perfectly still and watched me change lenses before I took the picture.. a bit of a poser I think..

Not To Be Left Out

Canon 5D MKIV Having already posted a couple of pictures of my carry around for any eventuality cameras I felt I should post this, the crown jewel of my stable. This is the one for when you are definitely going to take some photos. Its a chunky piece of equipment to carry around, especially with... Continue Reading →

A Face In The Tree

Tree Face.. I saw this on a recent early morning dog walk. I thought It looked like the face of a sad gnome with his 'gnome hat' on... perhaps a bit sad because it was quite cold and no leaves left to keep him warm...

Fujifilm X 100 V

The latest arrival in my camera stable.. A nice 'Leica look-alike' Fujifilm X100V fixed focal length, 23mm, 21mp camera. The picture quality is excellent. Zoom is applied by walking closer to the subject, however the picture quality is so high that zoom can also be applied by judicious cropping when processing. The menus require a... Continue Reading →

Autumnal Colours And River..

River Bovey in Parke National Trust property, Bovey Tracey, Devon. Over the last few years I have driven past this National Trust property on the edge of Dartmoor numerous times but never bothered to visit before.. The picture was taken on my recently acquired, pocketable.. Fujifilm x100V camera.. nice and easy to carry around.. fixed... Continue Reading →


1/800 f4.5 ISO 100 I have no idea what this flower is but its the second time its appeared in these posts. If anyone can advise of the correct name in the comments I would much appreciate it.

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