Lapwings on the move at Summer Leys WLT This picture slipped through the net when I made the previous post though it was worth going back for. Its worth mentioning this from time to time in case you didnt know, if you click on the picture in the post it will present you with a... Continue Reading →

Summer Leys, Birds

Summer Leys is a Wildlife Trusts reserve in the Beds, Northants and Cambridge area. Its only a ten minute drive from my home and I made that drive yesterday. Most of the birds on the water seemed to be having a mid morning nap as there were not too many photo opportunities to be had... Continue Reading →

Red Kite 2

Red Kite A shot of the other Kite that was circling around, the light was going and I think they were on the hunt for supper before settling down for the night.

Red Kite 1

Red Kite I managed to get this picture on a very dull day with a 400mm lens handheld. It was taken at Coombe Hill National Trust location in the afternoon, having spent the morning wandering around the ancient woodlands.

Muntjac Deer

Muntjac Deer I came across this little deer while walking through the ancient woodland at Coombe Hill National Trust location in Buckinghamshire. He just sttod perfectly still and watched me change lenses before I took the picture.. a bit of a poser I think..

Fallow Deer

1/40 f5.6 ISO 100 This was taken at Charlecote Park, National Trust location in Warwickshire.. they have all three colours of Fallow Deer in the herd.


Canon 80D 1/1000 f5.6 ISO100 On the way up.. Canon 80D 1/800 f5.6 ISO100 Hurry up, I can't hold this pose for long..

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