Icknield Way Walk

A Cold wintery walk along a part of the Icknield Way in the Chiltern Hills between Aldbury and Ivinghoe. The autumnal, wintery look of the trees and first signs of Spring on the ground with Snowdrops and Celandines making their presence felt.

Meet Max

I thought I should introduce you to the 'Max' that I refer to in the site tagline, above in the heading. He is a Border Terrier and we have had him since he was a puppy in 2018. He is a very independent minded chap. He will do exactly what you require but only if... Continue Reading →

Level Five !!!

Hi, apologies for absence, my photo of the day petered out somewhat, sorry about that. I had a problem with Lightroom, which led to more problems. It was not Lightroom's fault, it was mine. As a result of which I decided to rebuild and reorganise all my photos in Lightroom, around 13,000 pictures. I did... Continue Reading →

Coombe Hill. NT

I'm not getting out much at the moment, along with the rest of the country !! However I found these pictures from a recent visit to Coombe Hill, National Trust ancient woodland. A few autumnal leaves still remained. It is in the Chiltern Hills in Buckinghamshire. Its situated on top of a hill overlooking the... Continue Reading →

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