Muntjac Deer

Muntjac Deer I came across this little deer while walking through the ancient woodland at Coombe Hill National Trust location in Buckinghamshire. He just sttod perfectly still and watched me change lenses before I took the picture.. a bit of a poser I think..

Fallow Deer

1/40 f5.6 ISO 100 This was taken at Charlecote Park, National Trust location in Warwickshire.. they have all three colours of Fallow Deer in the herd.

Meet Max

I thought I should introduce you to the 'Max' that I refer to in the site tagline, above in the heading. He is a Border Terrier and we have had him since he was a puppy in 2018. He is a very independent minded chap. He will do exactly what you require but only if... Continue Reading →

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