Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder..

The old saying is “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”, if this is true then you dear reader must love me a very much by now. Its been quite a while, in which time I found lots of things to do and lots of things were found for me to do by “She who must… Continue Reading →

Hyperfocal Focus Practice

Last week I went out to put into practice the knowledge I had gained from my studies on Hyperfocal focussing. Basically it is focussing on an object so that the entire picture from or near to your feet all the way to infinity are in acceptably sharp focus, not pin sharp but acceptably sharp. I… Continue Reading →


Heres hoping 2022 is going to be a much better year than 2021 ! For so many reasons 2021 will take some beating as far as bad years go. Not only my personal reasons, which were about as bad as it could get but for everybody’s life in general. I just want everything back to… Continue Reading →

Cockwood Harbour, Dawlish, Devon.

This is the first time in three visits to the area that I found the harbour with any water in it. I have to say its better for having some water. It looks like it will get some more water soon, as you can see there was a storm brewing and we had a long… Continue Reading →


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