Hyperfocal Focus Practice

Last week I went out to put into practice the knowledge I had gained from my studies on Hyperfocal focussing. Basically it is focussing on an object so that the entire picture from or near to your feet all the way to infinity are in acceptably sharp focus, not pin sharp but acceptably sharp. I took these pictures on my Canon 5D camera with a Canon 17-40mm lens.

My reason for learning this is because our next few trips are to Devon again, then a long trip to Cumbria, Northern Scotland, and Northumberland. All of which have great landscape photography opportunities. I wont even begin trying to explain the theory behind it all, its not really rocket science though, however its beyong my tutorial skills. There no point in trying to reinvent the wheel. There are many videos on the subject on YouTube that can explain things quite easily and far better than I could.

I took the following pictures from a hill just outside Olney, the other side of the river towards Clifton Reynes. The pictures are generally looking back towards Olney from various viewpoints. I was very happy with the results given that it was a first attempt. Its not the best landscape to practice the art but the best I could do on the day. I hope to get somewhere a bit more hilly before my trip.

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