Sharpenhoe Clappers

As mentioned in my plans in an earlier post, I made my trip to Sharpenhoe Clappers, Quite an interesting name I think. Its an ancient woodland on top of the end of a ridge in Bedfordshire, north of Luton. The woods were allegedly haunted way back in time. Well, maybe they still are but it didn’t notice anything.

It was only just over half an hours drive from my home. It was full of prospects as i left the car park and entered the woods. I took some photos there of some of the trees and was about to head further along the ridge toward the end of it when I realised I had lost a lens cap from my camera. Therefore I had to retrace my steps back towards the car to track it down if I could, they are not cheap, about £45 for a genuine Canon one. I did find it eventually, alongside a muddy part of the path with low branches over it. I imagine when ducking down under the branches I must have caught the end of the camera on a branch. I was only carrying my camera, I didnt bring the bag, also the tripod and I had Max on a lead so I expect things got a bit tight. Therefore I never got to explore all of the potential, I headed back for the car and will continue another time soon.

When I got back to the car park I took a couple of pictures of the rest of the ‘Clappers’ showing the view of the part that I did not reach. You can see the flatlands of Bedfordshire in the distance.

I then went to survey the other National Trust sites that come under the heading of Sharpenhoe Clappers. Moleskin & Markham Hills and Sundon Nature Park. There seems some potential there and its possible to cover all three from the one car park via some public footpaths and Shanks’s Pony. Maybe in the spring when there is more foliage about might be a better time. I know what to expect now and can plan accordingly.

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