Heres hoping 2022 is going to be a much better year than 2021 !

For so many reasons 2021 will take some beating as far as bad years go. Not only my personal reasons, which were about as bad as it could get but for everybody’s life in general. I just want everything back to the old normal. Totally free again.

This post was developing into quite a long epistle about COVID and my thoughts concerning it. It was becoming quite long and I was getting carried away. l was on a roll as they say so I deleted quite a few paragraphs here to spare you the agony and I will get on to 2022.

Looking ahead I have been struggling to find some kind of theme and purpose in my photography to make it into more of a project for some time. I have decided to focus my photo expeditions on landscapes and woodland that I have just added to the menu. I used to include woodland pictures within the landscape category but I have reclassified them separately now.

There is quite a bit of accessible woodland near where I live and also quite a lot of landscape but not of the mountainous variety. There are some rolling hills that can be found around here from which to photograph other rolling hills and plains. There is no what I would describe as rugged scenery within less than a two hour drive from here. However, I do hope to be heading for some unexplored by me, ancient woodland tomorrow thats about 35 minutes drive from here

So that will do for now and back with some more pictures very soon.

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