Nikon Coolpix L11

I recently saw an advert for a small, pocket Canon camera, my brand of choice for photo equipment, and I thought it might be a useful addition to my armoury. On reflection though I vaguely remembered having a small camera quite a few years ago so I started a hunt for it. I have a habit of not knowing quite where I put things, although I am always fairly sure that at the time it seemed a logical place to put whatever it was wherever it is when I find it..

My search was successful and I rediscovered this little gem of a camera. I am able to search my Lightroom catalogue files by various parameters among which is camera type. It seems I took about a thousand pictures with it over a couple of years about ten years ago and pretty good quality they were too.

Coolpix L11
Quite a handy size...

It’s a useful size to pop in my trouser pocket whenever I go out on my dog walks, which I did over the last couple of mornings. It might also come in handy for some street photography too, as it’s so unobtrusive, an area which I think I also might like to explore in the future. I think it performed quite well with landscape photography for its size.

I took a few photos over the weekend and I was quite happy with the results so here are a few samples….

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