End Of The Road

Not quite as sinister as it may sound, we just decided a few weeks ago that we would finish our caravanning life.

We only used our caravan three times last year and the prospects for this year were not looking too good. We decided to take our caravan supplier up on an offer to buy our caravan as they are crying out for used caravans to satisfy a recent demand. This demand was caused by the COVID epidemic. People are deciding against flying off somewhere and opting for UK holidays. However dealers cannot get hold of enough, if any, new caravans.

To our way of thinking this had two effects. A very high price for used caravans and also that when sites do re-open it will be very difficult to find a vacancy on a site, also I am sure the rise in pitch fees will continue.

I had another birthday last month and I think my caravanning years would have been limited in the next couple of years. I think all kinds of driving restrictions and insurance availability kicks in when you get to eighty, apart from the physical aspect.

So we decided to sell, the deal was done on Friday the 5th. We took two cars to our storage place and emptied the caravan on Monday, chucked everything in the garage and then parted with it on Tuesday the 9th, my birthday. There then followed a period of sorting out where to put all the equipment prior to selling it as we have duplicates of everything from bedding to dining equipment and cooking utensils. I have been a good customer of eBay since then gradually selling off redundant equipment.

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