Salvador Dali

Back in 2015 we were on a caravan trip to Spain and one of our stops was near a town called Cadaques on the Costa Brava. It quickly became one of our favourites and also it appears, was a favourite of Salvador Dali who was born very nearby in Figueres, just inland from Cadaques.

He is obviously well remembered there because he has two statues on the beach within a hundred metres of each other and we even found a meter cupboard! with his portrait on.

Salvador Dali

I would imagine this was a favourite watering hole of his. You can see the base of his other statue in the top left of this picture

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is mg_6007.jpg
Meter Cupboard Man

Here is an ‘arty’ shot of his favourite place, Cadaques from the other side of the bay

I had a lot of problems with this picture because it doesn’t look level to me. If I set the beach level then the ‘frame’ looks terribly out of line and vice versa. I think also the frame is not square either so I compromised and made them both wrong. The statues are on the beach that you see through the frame.

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