Meet Max

I thought I should introduce you to the ‘Max’ that I refer to in the site tagline, above in the heading.

He is a Border Terrier and we have had him since he was a puppy in 2018. He is a very independent minded chap. He will do exactly what you require but only if he is ready and has nothing better to do. I took him to a trainer for a consultation and advice when he was younger. To quote her, “Hmmmm he’s a Border, they can be very wilful“. I have a had a few dogs in my lifetime but they have been Labradors and Border Collies, who are a piece of cake to train so I don’t think its me. Having said that we wouldn’t be without him. He has saved us a fortune in doorbell batteries too because every time anybody opens the front gate he starts barking and charging about the room, leaping on the back of the sofa by the window to see who it is and then back and forth to the hall door to see if they are coming in.

He has definitely been good for me though. I spent years and years cycling and never really lost any weight, I was always hoping to get my weight down to what it always was when I was a much younger man. Within six months of acquiring Max and by doing a couple of walks a day between forty five minutes to an hour and the occasional long walk my weight went down by about 12kg! and has stayed there.

I have to say though, since lockdown we haven’t been able to get away for any really long walks and our caravan has been in hibernation for almost a year now. I think we have walked nearly every available walk from Olney many times. It does get a bit boring and landscape photography is not really on the agenda. This is a very flat part of the country. I cannot imagine how it must be to be stuck in the middle of a big town or city in a flat.

(I was just about to start on a diatribe then on my thoughts about lockdowns and tiers but that would only detract from Max’s moment of glory so I will save that for another day !)

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