Level Five !!!

Hi, apologies for absence, my photo of the day petered out somewhat, sorry about that.

I had a problem with Lightroom, which led to more problems. It was not Lightroom’s fault, it was mine. As a result of which I decided to rebuild and reorganise all my photos in Lightroom, around 13,000 pictures. I did have a bit of time on my hands !

Everything is back in place now and all I need is the ability to sneak out and take some photos. I do have a project for the next couple of months that will not involve a lot of travelling, except on foot. I do intend to get out a bit further afield when the weather is better though despite level five COVID regulations, I think I can keep within the rules…

This was the recreation ground at sunrise one morning last week. the actual river runs along by the trees in the background

We have had a lot of water fall from the sky recently, thats at level five too! It all ended up flooding the meadows by the river. This restricted the dog walking routes and concentrated all the dog walkers along one or two dry’ish paths along the top, away from the river, which had become a lake and so it all got very muddy.

Keep well, keep fit and keep on keeping on.

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