COVID – Hands, Face, Space

This is a photo I took one evening last year on a photo club trip to Central Milton Keynes while the Covid epidemic was still around, hence the 'Hands, Face, Space' mantra on the side of the shelter.

Aston Martins

I often see cars parked outside the local Aston Martin workshop waiting to go in or maybe awaiting collection or delivery. I never really thought to photograph them until the other day but here are two. I guess I just used to take them for granted but they are real works of art. This looks... Continue Reading →

Hyperfocal Focus Practice

Last week I went out to put into practice the knowledge I had gained from my studies on Hyperfocal focussing. Basically it is focussing on an object so that the entire picture from or near to your feet all the way to infinity are in acceptably sharp focus, not pin sharp but acceptably sharp. I... Continue Reading →

Icknield Way Walk

A Cold wintery walk along a part of the Icknield Way in the Chiltern Hills between Aldbury and Ivinghoe. The autumnal, wintery look of the trees and first signs of Spring on the ground with Snowdrops and Celandines making their presence felt.


Lapwings on the move at Summer Leys WLT This picture slipped through the net when I made the previous post though it was worth going back for. Its worth mentioning this from time to time in case you didnt know, if you click on the picture in the post it will present you with a... Continue Reading →

Summer Leys, Birds

Summer Leys is a Wildlife Trusts reserve in the Beds, Northants and Cambridge area. Its only a ten minute drive from my home and I made that drive yesterday. Most of the birds on the water seemed to be having a mid morning nap as there were not too many photo opportunities to be had... Continue Reading →

Sharpenhoe Clappers

As mentioned in my plans in an earlier post, I made my trip to Sharpenhoe Clappers, Quite an interesting name I think. Its an ancient woodland on top of the end of a ridge in Bedfordshire, north of Luton. The woods were allegedly haunted way back in time. Well, maybe they still are but it... Continue Reading →


Heres hoping 2022 is going to be a much better year than 2021 ! For so many reasons 2021 will take some beating as far as bad years go. Not only my personal reasons, which were about as bad as it could get but for everybody's life in general. I just want everything back to... Continue Reading →

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